Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dinner and a strike

My class has been exhausting but filled with good information.  It has resulted in long day and tomorrow will be the exam followed by a 12 hour shift at work.  It will be beat by the day off on Sat.

The other night I had some guests over and forced myself to make dinner despite my exhaustion.  It was pretty good if not basic.  I cheated a bit and picked up some soy chicken on the way home and had some pita chips at the house.

The results?  Black Cherry Soy Chicken, Cilantro Hummus, and Steamed Broccoli.  For desert?  I made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and vegan marshmallows folded in.  Needless to say, it was a delicious meal.

I also wanted to give people a quick update on the prison strike that has been going on here in Georgia.  I actually received some unpleasant responses from some readers, a few questions and a little support.  Overall I am still glad that I brought it to the readers attention.

The update is sadly, not surprising.  It has been reported by an investigating team of the NAACP that 3 prisoners were assaulted by guards at the directive of the wardens.  One of the prisoners was rushed to the hospital in critical condition with serve head trauma.  These prisoners need the support of people on the outside.  There are so many ways to get involved, look them up or email me and I can help.  Please act now!

actual photo


Jes said...

Wow, you've been working a ton lately--good to see you've still got time for cake!

As for the prisoners, what little I've been able to keep up with has left me sad--our system in America is horrible.

Millie said...

love the food but the cake looks even better...I sure miss sweets. I am not allowing any sugar to enter my body throughout this diet.

Alessandra said...

Did you really receive unpleasant responses?

Still, always better than no responses: the worst thing is indifference. A bad response is still a response, someone who think about things may come round to actually reflect on them. Reflect on the hypocrisy of a western country that claims to be democratic, and to have the right to bossy other countries around claiming that they, instead, have no civil rights.

This is not just the US, of course, this is the western attitude in general.

dreaminitvegan said...

Sometimes cheating is okay. Hey you've been working alot and it was so nice of you to cook dinner for guests. THen you whip up a chocolate cake! The frosting looks so fluffy!

Regarding our prisons. We have a terrible justice system here in the states. Let me first say, before I continue to write about my feelings,that prison guards and wardens should not harm or be violent to the prisoners because that is not a good example. You need to pay for the type of crime you committed. There is a program on cable that shows the insides of prisons and the gangs that are still in prisons. It makes me sick that drugs are still going on in prisons and how the gangs still have contact to people on the outside to harm people. If the prisons know that's going on...stop it. I do believe some people can be rehabilitated and let back out but the majority just keep commiting crimes and are in and out of jail on our dime.

Elisabeth said...

The cake frosting looks divine and I am dying to find out how did you make it!

dirtyduck said...

hey thanks for the update. what can we do?
again i like what Alessandra said. its what i feel but darn she is good at getting it out into words!

chocolate cake sounds realy fun, marshmllows folded in? nice:) your frosting looks dif than mine will usually turn out. is there silken tofu in it?

Carissa said...

That cake looks freaking awesome!