Thursday, January 13, 2011

Disaster or Vacation?

The Atlanta weather has forced the city to shut down for nearly a week at this point.  Most schools and business have completely closed and the roads have a coating of ice due to overnight freezes.  Many people have felt trapped but I have actually enjoyed my time off.  Three days in a row in not common for me so it was a nice break.

I got a couple of rooms primed (despite spilling paint on the carpet), baked some muffins, and cookies.  Of course I made some french fries, had some soy chicken lathered in my mustard sauce.  Made some nice enchiladas with my secret recipe guacamole (it will be in the book), overall I felt good with my time away from the jobby job.

Ashley was stir crazy at her house (as many people in the city were) so I took my Maine winter driving experience across town and picked her up.  We had some food and watched a movie.  Driving was interesting with very few cars on the road and several abandoned on the side of the road, it felt like I was in Dawn of the Dead.

The snow did make for some unique photo opportunities that are very rare in the Atlanta area.  I found a dead bird on my front porch!  I am scared of birds, even dead ones, and it took some courage to get rid of it.


Leigh said...

We found a dead bird in our screened in porch yesterday! Not even sure how the poor guy got in there.

Rose said...

Those are lovely photos!

It's the same here in Seattle when it snows; the whole city shuts down over a few inches. Some people complain and don't like it, but I love it! Any excuse to stay home and play is good in my book.

All he dead birds...hmmm, seems suspect. Unless it's just too uncommonly cold for the little guys.

Sarah S. said...

Jealous! I want a snow day(s)! We have tons of snow in Chicago right now, but we know how to handle it. It takes a blizzard to get things to shut down around here. Looks like you are eating very well and those pics are lovely! Sorry to hear about the bird, yick.

Millie said...

everything looks great, I especially love the french fries since I don't eat them anymore. I haven't had french fries for 8 years but I sure miss the grease taste. Here in Ohio the storm past us by.

Alessandra said...

Your pics are great! And so is the food!

It feels so strange to see winter from down-under, we are presently having a great summer in New Zealand (unfortunately it is not the same in Australia).

ciao and keep warm

Hannah said...

Looks like a day very well spent! We had a snow day recently too, and I just curled up on the couch and watched movies until the streets were plowed again.