Saturday, May 22, 2010

Smoothie and stir fry

Another Saturday off resulted in a relaxing day. It was a day of resting and recuperating from two long work days and in preparation for another two. Ashley and I went for a ride before she had to go to work. We stopped at an estate sale and I grabbed up a pair of cool salt and pepper shakers.

For dinner I made some stir-fry. I also made a little smoothie to go with the big game tonight, check out my new glass!


Millie said...

Oh my that salad looks is beautiful looking...I was right you will be a great husband to the girl that will get you...hope she appreciates and loves you very much.

kmouse said...

That food looks delcious!

Mihl said...

That's a beautiful glass! And the stir fry looks wonderful, too.