Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Two great people, two great meals, one great day.

I ate two home cooked meals yesterday. Two great home cooked meals. I cooked none of them. For lunch, I went to visit Ashley and had some leftover from the night before. She had made Tofu Chicken Fingers, boiled broccoli, and Sweet Potato with Apple. I was thrilled to once again try my own recipes made by someone else. I should be developing a growing concern that Ashley is going to out do me since this was a great lunch!

For dinner, I went to visit Jamie and Tato. Jamie had made a broccoli and potato casserole. It was a nice healthy dinner filled with veggies, rice and tofu. I can not express how fun it is to have a day of home cooked meals that i did not make. I love to cook but there is something to be said for having meals made for you! It was a relaxing day.

I may not have a throng of people close to me in my life but, the one I do are pretty special! Two great people, two great meals, one great day.


jessy said...

two home cooked meals in one day rocks socks! especially when someone else makes 'em for you. they both look amazingly awesome! sweet potato mash with apples sounds damn delicious! i cook for my spouse a lot (he's so lucky) - i'm thinking i need to get him to go back to cooking for me every now and again. :)

Jes said...

I'm with Jessy, 2 homecooked meals in 1 day is awesome! And those look especially delicious :)

Rose said...

Those do look like awesome meals...I love the combo of sweet potato and apple...I'll be trying that soon!

Rachana Kothari said...

Two homecooked meals in one day...lucky you:)