Sunday, March 7, 2010


Thanks to everyone for all the pleasant birthday wishes! It is much appreciated. My birthday is a big deal to me and it was nice to get the attention.

I have been 30 now for several days. I am sure it is purely coincidence but there has been many changes in the last week. A few fun things happened. I received a Pay if Forward package from Krys at Two Vegan Boys. It was great! Some nice snacks (which I am a total sucker for!) and some coffee beans. I foresee the beans and the new ice cream maker having a solid relationship! It is always a very fun thing to open a package and Jamie was here at the time to enjoy the fun as well. Thank you so much Krys!

This is not the only package I received this week. My mother sent me a nice card with some pictures. Also, my good friend Neil sent me a copy of Living Raw Food. This is a cookbook that highlights many recipes from Pure Food and Wine restaurant in New York City, where he is the executive chef. I have not looked it over thoroughly yet but I am excited and am very interested in getting some more raw foods going.

It has been a busy weekend and I have not done much of my own new cooking. I will get my motivation back very soon. I am confident. I did touch on a few classics in the kitchen.

like banana bread


Anonymous said...

It's always enjoyable to get mail, especially packages. Sounds like you'll be busy trying out recipes for awhile. glad you had a happy birthday. the pics with the giant chair are fun and cute :)

Anonymous said...

ps. you're not old. and i'm glad youre not dead yet! dont die too young!

The Voracious Vegan said...

I love getting any kind of mail (except bills!) but packages are the best! I got one today and it was filled with my favorite things - books!

Can't wait to see the new recipes you come up with. Banana bread is always a winner!

Hannah said...

Oh, happy belated birthday, and sorry I missed it! Sounds like a great time all around. :)