Friday, March 19, 2010

Oddities and Bazaar Events

As I glance back over the last week I can recognize some bazaar events. Last Sunday was a trip to church. I am a staunch atheist but do enjoy a good story. I was even congratulated on an engagement that I have nothing to do with. Then it was a trip to the coffee shop for a circumstance meeting that no one expected and has created a thought provoking chain of events.

A few mundane work days separated another silly albeit enjoyable experience. I went to a cardio kickboxing class with some friends. I could not get the steps down at first but I think I was able to keep up with the workout. It was a fun time and I think I may go again.

Last night I went to charge my phone only to discover that in his most recent visit, Tato (who thinks he is a dog) chewed threw my charger. Not a crisis but I had to run out and get a new one. Tomorrow is an afternoon of thrift stores and walking around town. Sunday will break all the rules.

To add to the oddities of the week, Monday I stopped into the local christian books and natural food store. It is a strange store and they have some weird products. I am a total sucker for off the beaten path mock meats. I picked up a tube of frozen vegan tuna. Sketchy. Very sketchy. Expecting the worst, I was pleasantly suprised with mediocrity. I have not had tuna in nearly 15 years so do not trust my judgment but, I would say that is was similar to my distant memory.

Add some Rosemary French Fries and everything tastes better.


dirtyduck said...

tuna in a tube?, i read the whole post but just got stuck on that...:)

miss v said...

where did you find the sketchy tuna? i don't actually remember liking tuna, but maybe my taste buds have changed after 15 years. worth a shot, anyways.

laura said...

as kittens, my brats chewed through a pair of earbuds, a phone charger and my computer charger. i somehow got the apple "genius" to exchange the computer charger.

if you want more sketchy fake meats than you can shake a ham log at, go to atlanta's farmers market on buford highway in fiesta plaza shopping center. it's just north of claremont. as you walk in, all the way to the left in the last freezer case is your bounty. must be about 20 different ham logs. not all vegan though. great place to pick up cheap rice noodles, dried shiitake and agar agar powder.

Anonymous said...

i am biased against your spelling skills, but i will give you the benefit of the doubt that your "bazaar events" title was a clever play-on-words because you made an unusual shopping trip to get a tube of tuna.


BAZAAR= marketplace