Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday Party!

I was looking back over my pictures and realized that I made a smoothie recently and took a picture. I am not sure when I made it or what was in it but I thought I would share the picture regardless.

Friday the 19th was a friends birthday. She wanted to go out to eat around 700pm with some friends but could not get a reservation. Ashley to the rescue! Impressively, she got on the phone and spoke with about 6 supervisors until someone finally gave her a reservation for 8 people. She paced on the phone while I wandered around and took pictures of random things and caught the master negotiator in action!

When we got to the restaurant, the host guy was kind of bitter about the reservation, but he got over it...or didn't. We sat, had shabby service for some decent food and fun conversation. It was fun to attend, as I do not often participate in these type of things. Generally I am a little too cynical and dry for people that do not know me well, but this one worked out. It was a really nice day, even if the Celtics lost.


Tara said...

Pretty smoothie!
I wish I knew someone that could negotiate that well!
You should definitely come to Alaska!!! It's not the most vegan-friendly place in the world, but it's gorgeous and I think you would love it. Plus I'm trying to move into a new place by next summer, so I might have a place for you to crash, if you want to come to Anchorage!

The Voracious Vegan said...

Yummy smoothie and great negotiating!

I'm totally like you about the whole 'playing well with others', sometimes I just can't handle it!