Monday, December 21, 2015

Busy weekend and some jackfruit!

This weekend was incredibly busy, as I am sure it was for most Americans.  Ashley, Kaleigh and I spent most of the weekend making holiday presents and I also had quite a few orders to fill over the weekend.  Not to mention that I agreed to bake cupcakes and bitty mints for Kaleigh's school party.

We got nearly everything completed though.  It was a productive weekend for sure.  The girls both leave for Georgia on Christmas day but we are doing some festivities at my mum's house on the eve and my dad's after they return.

Saturday evening, we took a break from the work and I made dinner.  We are still playing around with the jackfruit and I opted to make a chickun salad with it!

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Shaheen said...

That is something different with jackfruit, I made some BBQ pulled 'pork' Jackfruit and it was amazing. I hope to make it again soon.