Friday, July 10, 2015

The story of a turtle

A few weeks ago, folks were clearing land around out house that had been overgrown and we wanted to use for gardens, fruit orchard, etc.  On one side of our land we have a small swampy pond.  We made sure to not cut the trees near this as to not disturb the wildlife that calls that area home.

They heeded out request.  They did cut some trees about 200 feet away and apparently, a large turtle that was living their was unhappy.  Kaleigh and I pulled in the driveway to find the turtle crawling across our lawn toward the busy street.

We see turtles dead on the side of the road often in Maine.  We figured this turtle was not going to make it.  However, I did not know what to do.  What if the turtle really is determined to make the attempt or even has a suicide wish?  Who am I to force the turtle to stay?

After some though, we decided to take the turtle back to the pond.  If we saw it come back out and head for the road again, we would let it go.  Problem solved right?  Hardly.

We thought we could just pick it up and carry it but this little turtle was not having it.  It was lunging and attempting to bit anyone who came near.  Ashley, the ever brave, finally got some gloves on, grabbed the disgruntled turtle and ran it all the way back to the pond where it slipped back into the water.  We have not see the turtle again.

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