Friday, December 13, 2013

Thanksgivings late post

Due to my recently hectic life, I am way behind on posts.  Hence the Thanksgiving day post in the middle of December.  Better late then never I hear.

It has been about 10 years since I have had a Thanksgiving Day off.  The jobby job pays time and a half on the holiday and I have historically had no family to spend the day with so I worked.  This year, I decided if they did not need me at the jobby job, I would spend the day with Ashley, Kaleigh and their side of the family.

Ashley and I opted to make several dishes to bring with us.  We also make a store bought roast for the turkey effect.  I made my standard cranberry sauce, I roasted some beets with some balsamic vinegar, roasted some acorn squash in apple juice and dried sage, candied walnuts, and we even made some smoothies to tote around.

The beets were not a big hit.  I really liked them and Kaleigh ate them because I told her she would poop purple.  Apparently that is enough for a 6 year old to eat some beets.

To top our boxed faux turkey roast, I made a really nice gravy.  I will share the recipe soon, as some folks might want to try it for their upcoming holiday meals.

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adriennefriend said...

Is that the fancy field roast en croute one? Damn Vic, gettin' fancy on me!