Friday, September 20, 2013

The Connection; Soups and Wisdom Teeth

It has been a hectic two weeks.  Ashley had her wisdom teeth out and there have been some unexpected complications.  At this point, she seems to be on the mend and feeling better.  She is not able to eat mostly solid foods and stay awake for large chucks of time.

The last two weeks she has been in a lot of pain and needing mostly soft foods.  We have been on a soup kick.  So much so that, the measure of washing dishes now is when we run out of spoons.

First we made some split pea soup.  This lasted several days and was easy for her to eat since it is a soft and I was able to puree it.  I do not often make split pea soup but really enjoy it.  Kaleigh did not eat much of it but both Ashley and I liked it.

Next up was roasted red pepper soup.  This soup is a favorite in the house.  I make it more in the late fall as it tends to be a comfort food.  It was easy for Ashley to eat and Kaleigh even took a bowl to school in her lunch.  The other kids thought she was very daring to eat a pepper soup.  She tried to tell them the peppers were sweet but they would not hear of it.

The three of is have even gotten a few treats in as well.  What better way to make Ashley's mouth numb?  Strawberry milkshakes!  I used coconut milk, soy ice cream, strawberries, and soy creamer to make this a super rich indulgent treat.  We ate these a couple of nights in a row.

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Anonymous said...

Love your posts! Just chiming in to say that the best thing to numb a mouth after dental work is clove oil. It provides immediate relief.