Monday, September 23, 2013

Cooking with Kaleigh (and the cracks); Part 10: Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ashley, Kaleigh and I hosted out first dinner guests since the three of us began living together.  It was our old friends, Nate and Adrienne of Crack the Plates fame.  They had not been over for dinner in awhile so we got to give them a new tour with the new homey feel of the house.

For dinner, I made Gazpacho and Portabello and Eggplant Panini's on tortilla bread.  Sadly, I once again forgot to write down my Gazpacho recipe as I was making it.  I will need to be more on top of that in the future.  This meal was also a nice soup for Ashley to eat since her mouth is still recovering from her wisdom teeth.

After dinner, we decided to make some cookies.  Adrienne had the idea to let Kaleigh make them and film a video.  Kaleigh bought in and we were off and filming, with Adrienne at the helm.

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