Monday, September 30, 2013

Food Not Bombs!

I have had the past two Sundays off, which is incredibly rare.  It was a great opportunity to do somethings that I often miss out on due to my heavy weekend workload.  With Kaleigh in tow, we decided we wanted to go to help cook, transport, serve, and clean-up at the Atlanta Food Not Bombs.

For folks who do not know, Food Not Bombs is an autonomous veg(an) organization that uses surplus foods from local spaces to serve people free in a public park.  It does not seem like such a radical idea but it can be quite a disruptive entity.  Free food is apparently quite controversial.

Kaleigh and I had a great time.  The first week we chopped and prepped veggies and fruits for salad, chili, and smoothies.  Kaleigh really had a blast, especially when given the chance to play drums in the park.  The Atlanta Food Not Bombs folks were really welcoming and exceptionally supportive of Kaleigh's involvement.

Once we left on the first Sunday, Kaleigh could not stop talking about it the whole ride home.  She had a blast and said she wanted to go back every week.  Fortunately, I was also off the following Sunday so we returned.  Kaleigh and I made a tomato and herb soup and help prep as well.

Again, Kaleigh had a great time.  The cops showed up the 2nd week but I think Kaleigh was too preoccupied with drumming to notice.  Hopefully she will get a few more years in before she realizes that the police are there to protect businesses and it is not in the interest of business to feed people for free off the surplus of food.

It was an amazing time and I think that, for her age, Kaleigh was a big help.  She really felt like she was doing a "good" thing and being helpful.  Kids have such a great empathy that us old folks seem to lose as we age.

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luminousvegans said...

Very cool! I've always been curious about the Atlanta chapter of FNB. Can one just walk up and help? Is that how it goes?