Friday, April 13, 2012

Dinner at the Crack House

It has been awhile since I have had dinner with my pals Adrienne and Nate of Crack the Plates.  We prioritized making it happen before I leave for Spain, and Wed night worked out well.  We have all been super busy and it was hard to find the time.  In fact, they doubled up on the hosting because I have just been so busy with the new house.

Adrienne made one of her oldest recipes.  It was a basic non-chicken noodle soup that was hearty and comforting.  We also had some great hummus and arugula sandwiches.  It seems that arugula may be a favorite at the Crack House, which is fine by me as I enjoy it as well.  After dinner Adrienne brought out a plate of nuts and fruits that we promptly gobbled up.  It was a great night with friends.


adriennefriend said...

"the Crack house" ... perfect.

Shear Sensations said...

have fun in Spain...(Habla espanol?)

Rose said...

Looks like a delicious night of food with friends!

Have a good time in Spain! I lived in Madrid for 6 years...Spain is fun!!