Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beans bean, the musical fruit!

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I have been making beans often in the last month or two.  Beans are an incredible food for the winter months, warm, hearty, comforting and packed with protein without dipping into the soy.  They also keep for quite awhile which makes it easier for me to save money and pack my work lunches.

I recently made another pot of black beans.  I attempted to make a Cuban style but they did not quite hit the mark i was expecting.  The good news was that they still make out fantastic.  There was a slight hint of sweetness to them that went a long way against the acidic tomatoes.  I have been eating these for some time now at work and shared them with several folks who all agreed, fantastic!


Marlee said...

Looks delicious! Oh my god as musical as they are I just love beans cooked any way :)!

Dawn said...

Gorgeous! NOW, get the pressure cooker already and make that dish in half an hour!! A better $40 can't be spent on ANYTHING (and sometimes it is down into the $30's on amazon!!).


P.S. I bought my sister the same one I have and she just used it for the first time, and she can't believe how awesome it is!

No pressure or anything ;-)

Ashley said...

Oh cuban style black beans are the best. Have you every had the cuban style black beans from Trader Joe's before? They are so good!