Tuesday, October 12, 2010


As usual, my weekend was filled with long hours at the jobby job.  Weekends are typically not my favorite time of the week.  However, I was able to find some time this past Saturday to have some fun!

Ashley and I went to see a movie that we both had wanted to see.  Then it was dinner at Green Sprout.  Then we were off to North Atlanta to pick up my friend Myrna, we were Netherworld bound!

For several years now, Atlanta has had the number one rate haunted house in the country.  It is by far my favorite Atlanta event.  This place is so much fun.  I am kind of a horror buff, I blame my father.  He and I watch horror films all the time when I was growing up.  As young as I was, I do not recall many nightmares or any other issues.  I was born a horror fan.

Each year Halloween came and each year I would wear the same costume.  I was Freddy Kruger.  It was not a cheesy mask either, my father went all out, pouring wax laced with food coloring on my face to give a melted flesh look.  I had the hat, sweater, and still have the glove.  I was Freddy Kruger.  This is a major reason why I really enjoy this time of the year.  Netherworld is another.  It is a return to my childhood.  The quality scares, the amazing costumes and all the effort put forth by the people who care the most.

Myrna, Ashley, and I ran into some people from my jobby job while in line and the 5 of us went through 2 of the best haunted houses ever!  Netherworld is a rare treat and I hope that some day my father will come visit around this time so that he can enjoy the experience.  I know he would love it.  Especially is Myrna comes with us, she is a screamer! 

Myrna and Ashley even got some photo opportunities with a few monsters in the parking lot.

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Millie said...

such great fun...glad you guys enjoyed the weekend.