Monday, October 25, 2010

Day One; diving infusion

My extended weekend vacation started early.  I left work on Wed around 6pm with several hours of overtime logged.  I was in it!  I ate a pint of ice cream that night.  I was on vacation.

The following day I took care of the packing and preparations for the weekend in the Smoky Mountain National Park.  After Ashley got out of her class, we were in route.  The Smokies were only a few ours from the Atlanta base so it was a nice evening drive.

The vegan options were extremely limited on this trip.  This area of the country, despite its tourism, is very much a pancakes and steaks area.  As we drove though Sylva North Carolina, we detoured for dinner.  Soul Infusion was in the bottom level on a two story house and serves many local produce and meat based dishes.  They advertised for some amazing "meaty" vegan chili.  I had to try it.  We also split a locally brewed root beer.

Ashley and I split an appetizer, we had some hummus.  Hummus was a life saver this weekend and it is one of Ashley's favorite so it worked out well.  For an entree, Ashley had a chili bean burrito with chips and salsa.  I had a hummus and veggie wrap.  This place was a great stop in a quaint little town near the mountains.

There was some guy setting up to play music but we did not stick around long enough.  We still had to drive over an hour.  The final hour was driven in the dark so we were unable to see the Smokies until the following day.

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Shear Sensations said...

All that great food can make any vegan hungry...looks great!