Thursday, February 4, 2010

Getting Settled

I had a simple day off today. I got a lot of errands completed and even picked up a few fun things for the house. When I finally returned home, I made a quick stir-fry for lunch and started my long awaited veggie broth. Totally inspired months ago by happyveganface to make this great broth. There have been growing bags of scrap veggies in my freezer now for months! Today was the day! I took all my veggies out, added some celery, water and boiled them into smithereens. Three hours of boiling and I got about 10 cups of great veggie broth. Thanks Jessy!

After it was all done, I went ahead and made some carrot muffins. Basically, I took an old carrot cake recipe and poured it into some old Halloween themed cupcake cups and neglecting the typical cream cheese frosting. They did not need it. They were yummy all on their own. I even had enough batter to make a small cake.

Later in the night it was a trip to see Jamie. She and I made....burritos! Big surprise? It was her first home cooked meal in her new apartment. She said it made it feel like a home for the first time. That made me happy and we ate at a cute table we found about a year ago. It was nice. Then we had our muffins and I went home to watch basketball and she did some more unpacking. Due to the presence of black beans, Tato spend time in the kitchen with us!


jessy said...

hooray for veggie broth. that rocks socks! the bag o' veggie scraps in our freezer is getting crazy full - i see some broth making happening soon, fo 'sho!

your stir-fry reminds me that we haven't had one in forever, and the carrot muffins = the best! so awesome on enjoying the first meal made in Jamie's new place - burritos were such a delicious choice. too funny on Tato and the black beans. what a crazy kitteh!

Jes said...

What an awesome idea to freeze the scraps--I'm going to have to keep that in mind!

Hannah said...

Way to prevent perfectly good veggie scraps from going to waste! Besides, homemade stock is always so many times better than anything store-bought.

Myrna said...

oh Vic, the carrot muffins were great =), but like I said everything u make is great.