Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dad's Visit

I shipped my dad back to Maine on a jet today. I was sad to see him go but in the visit re-cap I am focused on only the fun we had!
There was a slight scare since the day he flew in it snowed. In Atlanta! Now he and I are used to the snow in Maine but this is the dirty south! Snow? Either way, I snapped a few pictures of my backyard for evidence.

The night he came in we just relaxed, had some nice vegan pizza (my dad is not vegan) and watched a movie. Catching up is always a nice time.

The next day we went to the hardware store and got a bunch of stuff for some home improvement projects. My dad and his wife built most of their house and it was great to have a DIY-er to help with some ideas. We changed light fixtures, did some weather proofing, put on door stops, changed out some outlet covers, changed out some toilet seats, did some caulking, and much more. It was a great help to have him here and I learned a lot.

My dad got me a house warming / early birthday gift for me as well. I am now the proud owner of a skill saw. A bit nervous about cutting myself, he showed me the ins and outs of simple sawing. I even built (with his help) 2 saw horses to use! I will be a carpenter in no time. Doubtful, but if I can make 3 course meals for 5 people with only 4 pieces of cookware, anything is possible.

I did not force him to stay at my house and work all weekend though, we did a lot of fun things. One night we went and watched Bobcat Goldthwait at a stand up comedy club. He was pretty funny and one of the bearded comedians were in his opening act, which was enjoyable.
We went to the Aquarium on one of the days. I think he really had a good time there. It is fairly impressive for a places with caged animals.That night we checked out Jamie art show setup. We also saw a 3D film on the Imax. Not only is there no Imax in Maine but there is no 3D either.
It was a great visit, lots of DIY-ing, fun adventures, and good eats (including about 50 cookies Ashley made us). Back to work tomorrow.

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pari said...

This is sweet. My mom is coming for a visit tomorrow. Also, I wanna be a carpenter. If you ever come out here, vic. I'll get the materials, you teach me how to build bookshelves.