Monday, August 24, 2009

Adventuring and Seitan

Sat was an eventful day. Jamie and I have been wanting to get out to a vegan meet up and introduce ourselves to some new folks. Everyone met at World Peace Cafe. World Peace is a decent place with average eats. The cakes are good but imported, the meals range from fair to good. Nothing to write home about but, a fair afternoon meal. We met some fun people. The owner of Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe was there, as well as the writer of Abracapocus, not to mention the guy that made Jamie a hot dog at the vegan bake sale. It was like the whose-who of Atlanta vegans. It was a nice time filled with good conversation. It will be nice to go out again next month and enjoy another meal. Maybe we will make some new vegan friends.

Jamie and I planned to go to Kennesaw Mountain after the meet up but took a detour to the new Cosmo's location. Jamie got a really awesome shirt and I did not get any really awesome shoes. We got mints, marshmallows and much more. You should see them up here in dishes soon.

Off to the mountain. The hike was on a good incline and we worked up a little sweat (one of us more then the other). It was short but nice. As we get to the top of the mountain, the woods spread open and we step onto a concrete parking lot. What? No joke. Apparently you can drive to the top of the mountain and save yourself the walk. There was even a public bus there. Unreal. Needless to say, our woodsy adventure came to a disappointing halt. Grumpy, we stalked back down the mountain and left. Don't bother to hike this trail, ever.

Home we went. Jamie took a short nap while I began making some dinner. I made seitan fried chickin. I did it differently then I have posted here before. The same basic idea with a few slight changes. The marinade I used was a mixture of nutritional yeast, water, hot sauce, garlic, and onion. I let the seitan soak for about 7 hours. Then I used a season flour based breading to add to the chickin-like flavor. This was amazing. I was so into making it that I forgot to make veggies with it! Jamie quickly steamed some great veggies and we had a very good dinner.

Then it was off to see Inglorious Basterds. This was no where near the caliber film as Pulp Fiction but it was very good. The dialog was great. Go see it, it is worth the 3 hours of your time.

I went kayaking again earlier in the week. We got into the water and it started raining. Sad. Better luck next time.

2 days until New Hampshire.


laura said...

hey, it was good meeting you guys! i like the potlucks better because it's easier to talk to people. plus, the food is usually better. ;-)

do you ever go to sweetwater creek state park? lots of great trails, short & long. along the river and up through the woods. even when it's really hot out, most of the trails are shaded.

Jes said...

The fried seitan sounds like the perfect post hike meal! I'll have to remember that next time

Anonymous said...

nice info..

Hannah said...

I still have yet to find really delicious seitan. Perhaps I'll try this method next!

miss v said...

i'm lovin' the sounds of the southern-y seitan. have fun on your new hampshire mini-vaca!