Thursday, April 16, 2009

2nd day on Vacation!

It feels great to be on vacation. Granted, I have a ton of things to get done during this week and next with the house, but it is always better to not work. Yesterday I met with a few more contractors at the house and things are beginning to shape up very well. I am confident that when it is all said and done, my house will be what I want. I am really hoping that my father will come down and help me do some extra stuff with the place once the contractors are done. It would be fun and I would love for him to see it, I think he would be proud.

Since the oven has been out of commission, burritos have become a staple in our diet. Last night I tried things a little different. I used some tofu marinated in cumin and garlic. It came out really well and Jamie thought it was the best I had made. We had an extra avocado, so I tried my hand at an avocado shake. It has potential but it not perfected yet. Not sure what it needs. If you have made them before, let me know what you did.

Two nights ago we had some Thai peanut lovers tofu stir-fry. It has also been something on the menu more recently. Partly due to the oven situation and partly because of the great 0.99 cents for fresh tofu.

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