Monday, April 13, 2009

1 Day Until Vacation!

It has been a very hectic week and I am more likely to have more sooner then less. Luckily, I go on vacation Wed. It should give me enough time to get most of the things done that I need. This weekend, Jamie and I are going to Charleston SC and next weekend we are going to Crystal River FL. It will be some nice beach time and Busch Gardens!

I got my school admissions taken care of for my transfer today. My fear of needles makes me less then excited about the immunization stuff, but it is all behind me now. I will still need to take a placement math test but everything else is good to go.

I had an inspector com out to the house and look over all the electric and structural foundation issues. The good news is that the bones are solid. The bad news in the place needs a new roof and HVAC. Yuck. It looks like it will run me about $15k. That will leave me in the range of $20k to fix up the place the way I want it. It should be enough. Last week I had a contractor come out and look things over. I hope to get an official estimate from him this week. I have 2 more scheduled for this week. Big choices. Big changes.

Not much time for innovation with new foods this week but hopefully that will change soon. Here are a few little pics of some things we ate this week.


veggievixen said...

awesome eats! happy vacation.

Marina and Steve said...

Congrtulations on getting your beautiful "tree house" (great name for it.) We're putting on a corrugated steel roof so we never have to do it again (35 year guarantee). Have a great vacation!