Friday, January 2, 2009

A week in the life...

It has been a long week. Typically, this is a busy week for me at work and this year was no exception. Although I was at another theater for the Christmas weekend, it has still been hectic. The heat in our apartment has still been less then functional. The leasing office gave us back our December rent for the trouble. Also, they are checking with their corporate office to see if we can get out of our lease early. I have s gut feeling they will say no, but we have been apartment shopping regardless. See some nice stuff and some dumps.

The other day I had time to make another peanut butter pie. Jamie, who rarely eats sweets, loves this pie. That makes it easier for me to make since I will not have to eat it all myself. It is a real shame when I am forced to eat an entire pie or cake alone. :)

Yesterday morning, we headed to Atlantic Station to catch an early show of Clint Eastwood's new film, Gran Tarino. Jamie did not have much interest in watching it but went along anyway - what a good sport! This was like Dirty Harry in the suburbs. Clint Eastwood was funny and mean whole still remaining sweet and charming. The film may have been a bit to quirky to get legitimate Oscar attention. I would like to see Clint get a Best Actor nod for it though. Some of the dialog was hard to stomach due to the overt racism and some of the acting from his co-stars was sub par. Overall, it was a good film worth watching. I personally can not think of another 80 year old actor that can pull off this type of badass role.

Yesterday I tried my hand at another variation of Country Fried Chickin. I am determined to master this! The wheat gluten will not get the better of me. This came out much better then the last attempt. I am still not completely satisfied, so you get no recipe. Sorry. However, we also made some sweet potato fries and those were, as the kids say, "off tha chain - yo". After last night, I would not recommend "deep frying" without an actual deep fryer. We used just a regular pan and it resulted in numerous catastrophes. Both Jamie and I ended up with oil burns and bubbling oil got spilled all over the floor. To keep the cat out of the room, and protect his feet, we had to shut him in the back room. Of course we were out of paper towels so we had to run to the store. It was a sloppy experience, but none the less, and valuable one. We did end up with a nice meal, so the evening was not a total loss.

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Jenn said...

That smothered country fried chcken looks good anyway and sweet potato fries, too!
Do you have the have the peanut butter pie recipe posted? I didn't see it. That looks awesome.