Wednesday, September 23, 2015

An adventure to Fort Knox!

Saturday there was a punk show in Fort Knox Maine!  It was an awesome place to have a show.  Kaleigh and I rode up to the show with our friends in Cheers to Verona.  We listened to some music I did not know on the ride up and even saw a crazed flying turkey zip out in front of the vehicle!  It was quite a ride.

We got the show early which gave us time to explore.  Fort Knox was pretty cool with lots of places to run around and the view over the water was really nice.  The show was cool but sadly the first two bands that played left when they were done.  They both seemed to give the impression that they were above the show and it was not worth their time.  I could be wrong, maybe they had some urgent business to attend to but that is the way it seemed.

Cupido played a screamo metal post hardcore style that is pretty typical of the bands in the Bangor area.  Jonee Earthquake Band delivered their rock and roll surf set.  Cheers to Verona were just having fun and being goofy but still were great to watch.  Then Uncle Spudd killed it to close the show out.

After this trip, I feel like I want to have some day trips with some of these kids, go and do cool things.  It was really a lot of fun!

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