Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Vegans with Bees?!

We recently got our first bee apiary set up.  As a long time vegan I actually feel really good about this.  Bees are one of the few animals that have the freedom I feel good about.  We provide them a bee box to dwell in however, there is nothing confining about it.  They are never on a leash like a dog, never shut in a house like a cat, never fenced in like livestock; if they ever feel like they want to live elsewhere, they simply fly away.  Even as a vegan, this was an easy choice when I gave it some thought.

In the meantime, we certainly hope they are happy with what we offer then and choose to stay with up.  We have a lot of flowers they can help pollinate as well as up and coming fruit trees and a large garden.

The world need more well cared for bees.  With the massive decline, it was important for our family to do what we could.  We really hope we are successful because we would love to add more apiaries in the future.  It is a great educational experience for all of us.  Go bees go!

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Haven said...

So are you collecting and eating their honey, or just letting them happily exist and pollinate things? :)