Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's Nacho-city!

One of Kaleigh's favorite foods in nachos.  She eats them whenever she has the chance.  However, we rarely have them for some reason.  This week I told Kaleigh I would make nachos on Monday night.  When Ashley got home we ran out to Waterville to get some supplies for gifts.  It was an unexpected trip and we went with a much quicker meal.  Kaleigh threw a fit, she wanted her nachos.  Rain check.

Tuesday night was Kaleigh's first school concert.  We were short on time but I forced the issue and made nachoes!  We are them all together in one big pan with several towels as they were a mess.  They were also delicious!  Kaleigh just kept asking for more all night.  She could not get enough.

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