Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Chick-un Noodle Soup!

The girls are back in Georgia for the holidays.  That leaves me Tessa and Miley home alone for about 17 days.  I will have to focus on eating healthy foods since I too often eat quick, easy one-player foods when I am home alone.

Prior to leaving, Ashley had been asking me to make a chick-un noodle soup.  She had been craving the salty, simple, comforting food for awhile.  The day before they left, I dove in.  I nailed the chick-un with my own seitan recipe and a very slow roast with some broth and corn starch.  Then the soup was simple, a few veggies, noodles, and I tossed my chick-un in  just prior to serving to they were nice and firm.

It came out perfect.  Kaleigh really enjoyed it.  She said it was her favorite kind of chick-un noodle soup, chunky, veggies, and not slimy.  Ashley thought it was really good as well.

Sadly, as usual, I made too much and have been eating it alone for days.  I am about over it.  Fortunately, it is just about gone and I will be able to move on to other foods.  At least I have something other than veggie burgers on the menu while home alone!

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