Thursday, September 18, 2014


My sister has about 4 blueberry bushes in her back yard.  She invited Ashley, Kaleigh and I to come pick them as she said there were too many.  We expected to get a quart or so of blueberries from the bushes.  We were wrong.

After about 25 minutes of picking blueberries by the fistful we had no more containers.  There were so many blueberries that we barely made a dent in her harvest.  It was amazing.  The three of us left my sisters house committed to planting our own bushes.

A few days later, Kaleigh and I made blueberry jam with our fresh picked, organic, local blueberries!  We were able to get about a dozen jars of jam before we ran our of berries.  A week later, we are being asked to come pick more as they are falling off the bushes!

I can not wait until next summer when we are able to grow our own food.  It is going to be so rewarding.  This is what we moved for, becoming more self sustaining, more financially free, and the fresh ocean air!

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