Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Pizza Dilemma

Surprisingly, for  7 year old, Kaleigh does not like pizza very much.  Unfortunately, it is Ashley's favorite food.  We try to only eat pizza when Kaleigh is not home but sometimes, Kaleigh has to give in.

However, Kaleigh does really enjoy making pizza's at home, just not eating them.  Over the last couple of weeks, we seems to have found a happy medium.  Calzones!  For whatever reason, Kaleigh seems to like calzones but not pizza.

Using Ashley's awesome clay pizza stone, we have made individual calzones.  We all get the opportunity to put on whatever we like.  Ashley and I both vegan cheese while KAleigh skips it.  Kaleigh and I both load up on mushrooms while Ashley skip those.  It works out great and the pizza stone cooks to perfection.

It is also nice to follow up a great calzone dinner with some ice cream sundaes!

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Sanni said...

my four year old doesn't do pizza. has tried it but will not eat it so we do garlic toast with little bit of vegan cheese. funny! maybe his mind will change as he gets older