Thursday, April 24, 2014

Good Shows, Good Bands, Good Times.

I have gotten to attend some good punk and folk/punk shows recently.  One, I was asked to record the local band Paradox set for a VHS they are releasing.  We finally got it edited and it looks great!

At that same show, I got a chance to see Pissbath for the second time.  They played with one of my favorite locals, Mercenary and some out of towners, Aspects of War from Boston and System Fuckers from Japan.



Aspects of War

System Fucker

A few weeks later Ashley and I got a chance to welcome home our friend Dakota.  He played with some local folks as well as the traveling band Turncoat Collective, Cottontail, and the very exciting Moon Bandits!  It was a great show and there were lots of doggies running around the house to entertain everyone in between bands.

Moon Bandits

Turncoat Collective

Two days later, I hit up a local punk bar and saw some new locals as well as The Flex from the UK and Violent Reaction, also from the UK.  I was there for Violent Reaction and they did not disappoint but I will also say that the local band, Know Your Rights was also very good.

Violent Reaction

The Flex

This spring has been a good time for shows and I hope to catch a few more before summer rolls in.

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