Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friday afternoon

I have found that since becoming a homeowner, I really dislike painting, especially alone.  In fact, I dislike it so much so that I have left raw drywall all over my house just to avoid painting.

Friday, Ashley recommended that we paint one of the bedrooms in my house.  While not thrilled, I realize that it needed to get done so we headed out to get paint.

It turned out well, if uneventful.  It is certainly good to have another room completed.  Maybe now I will start looking for roommates.

After painting, we had some lunch.  Always a staple, we had burritos topped with some vegan sour cream and guacamole.  It was a nice lunch after a hard afternoon of painting.


Catherine said...

Too bad I don't live closer -- I'd definitely help paint if burritos were involved!

Rose said...

I hate painting too: heinous!

Those burritos look like a great reward for the hard work!

Alessandra said...

I saw the first picture and for a moment I thought that they robbed your house! There are worse things than painting :-)

Sarah S. said...

I reeeally don't like painting either, though it does beat stripping wall paper!! ;)