Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Devils Seitan

I have a disgusting habit of trying new mock meat products. Generally, it has been a bad idea, but the urge goads me every time. In Columbus (Ga), we picked up some heinous looking "Choplets". Canned, (not joking) soy chicken patties in broth. They sat in the cupboard for some time, we were working up the nerve to pop the top. Saturday was the big day! Within minutes I was making a cornmeal breading...too no avail. Soon after, the "Choplets" hit the trash and we were still hungry. However, I got inspired.

Today we snagged some vital wheat gluten and I was going to make my own Seitan. The process was fun and messy but, the end result was better then I expected. You begin with the gluten flour, then add water. Kneed the dough for about 5 minutes and let sit. While the dough is sitting, create and bring to a boil your broth. Use a huge pot, they expand! Cut the dough into manageable sizes and place into simmering broth for 1 hour. Strain 90% of the broth off and let cool. Next, batter and fry in hot oil. Done, wheat meat at your finger tips!

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Jenn said...

Those not-chicken nuggets look great!