Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chickin' Skewers, Basketball and Top Chef

I will tell a tale of minor tale of thievery, with credit given. Perusing numerous blogs of interest and looking over recipes I want to try, I found Vegan Hot Wings. With full credit to Vegan Dad, I have to announce that these were very flavorful, tasty and a ton of fun. Despite the components of the recipes, they only took about 45mins from start to plating. We threw on some sweet potato fries and a mango / pineapple smoothie. Good times, good food, top chef.

After watching the Atlanta Hawks lose in a nail biter against the Boston Celtics, it was time for the Wednesday night ritual of Top Chef. Admittedly, this season is not as good as last. I miss Richard and Ariane is annoying, regardless, the show still makes me hungry. No popcorn this week, still trying to finish off the red velvet cake.

All in all, a good night. Check out the recipes linked above and make some food for yourself.

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Tara said...

The skewers look good! I watch Top Chef every week as well, and while I like how everyone works together I'm not as impressed with these guys. I mean, they all sort of sucked this week so nobody goes home?