Monday, August 26, 2013

Vacation Day 1; Arrive at Wallace Falls State Park

Ashley and I were up early here in Atlanta for our flight to Seattle.  I have not spent much time in Washington and Ashley was completely new to the Pacific Northwest.  The anticipation was really ramped up for this trip as we have both worked hard over the past year and needed to reap the rewards.

With the time change, we arrived in Seattle, got our pack, picked up the rental car, stopped a natural foods store for supplies and we out of the city by about 2pm.  Shortly after, we were bombarded with the country landscape of fields of cows, and the looming of intimidating mountain peaks.

Lower Falls

By 4pm we could plainly see Wallace Falls State Park ahead.  We set up our first tent of the trip and immediately bounded into the coniferous woods.  Within an hour or two we were at the lower end of the falls.  It was quite a spectacle and a short but steep climb brought us to the middle portion of the massive waterfall.  The falls was so huge that you could see it clearly, miles away down the road before entering the park.  However, it did not compare to the sight before us.

Middle Falls

Sadly, it was starting to get late and we have been awake nearly 20 hours so we headed back off the mountain.  Back just in time for nightfall and we quickly passed out on the ground in preparation for another long adventure adventure the following day.

View from lower Falls

I would highly recommend Wallace Falls to anyone in the Washington area, it was a great kick off for our trip.

Scenic spot on the hike

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