Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nate's Buffalo Sauce is Amazing!

Around the start of the year, I was at the crackhouse and Nate gave me a gift.  Nate rarely cooks but he made buffalo sauce for his good friends and I happened to be on the list.  I was pretty committed to saving it for the next time I hosted them for dinner but each time Ashley came over she nearly begged me to cook with it.  Finally, she wore me down and I used Nate's amazing buffalo sauce without sharing with them.  The sting of guilt washed away as it soaked into the pressed tofu strips and our mouths began to water.  Within minutes we had a block of tofu and used the entire jar of sauce.

Quickly, we steamed some brocolli and I had some shells & cheeze for side and we sat down for an all american southern meal.  I even topped the tofu with some homemade ranch!  It did not disappoint.  I hope that Nate makes some more of the phenomenal sauce for me again soon (hint hint), maybe next time I'll share.  I really need to see them more!  Missing the cracks and eating their food.


adriennefriend said...

AWESOME post!! We miss you too! We have been hoarding the one jar we saved for ourselves... glad to know it's decent! Nate did such a great job.

nathanielK said...

no guilt needed! that meal looks AMAZING. i'm glad you both loved the sauce!