Thursday, November 17, 2011

I was sick but now I am better.

It was a week or two ago that I had to use a sick day for my jobby job.  I am feeling better now, so no worries.  However, I did find some pictures that reminded me of a nice treat.

Home sick on a Sunday evening, Ashley and her daughter come over to make me some dinner.  We had some veggie dogs, broccoli and  Ashley tried her hand at some fried mushrooms.  She took some portobello mushrooms and soaked them in bbq sauce, breaded them and fried them up.  Honestly, I am not exactly sure what she did to them but they were delicious!  I will have to ask her what she did so that I can replicate it.

It was really nice of them to come make me some nice dinner when I was not feeling well.  It felt good to have some folks come take care of me when I was in need.  Some people are real nice.


adriennefriend said...

"Some people are real nice." you!

Alessandra said...

I am glad that you are better, and yes, that you have support when you are not :-)

Jes said...

Fried mushrooms sound like the ticket to healing for me! :)