Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vacationing, sort of..

My first day of vacation saw a lot of work. In fact, I worked all day. After finishing a busy day getting ready for my first closing tomorrow morning, I decided to add some color to my den.

Interestingly, this a room that I only use when I have company and we sit in the muppet-hide chairs and look out the window. However, everyone loves this room, mainly for the fireplace and the wood beams in the ceiling. Up until this week, the walls were just raw sheet rock. As of Monday, they had been primed. As of today, they have color.

Jamie has been my decorating guru. She is amazing at it. Almost everyone that has been in my house has complimented the paint colors. I give her full credit. Anyone who knows me is aware that I would be completely fine with all my walls being bare drywall. Now that it is up, the color is great and it will help me sell it in a few years.

The den is now a very light lavender color. It is really pretty. It is by far the best color I have painted so far. I am a sucker for purple, all the way back to when I was a kid playing basketball in the dirt driveway in deep purple sweatpants. I was a bad ass. Even to this day, my bed sheets are purple and so are my favorite pair of boxers.

With the den painted and a closing completed, I will feel much better about not accomplishing much on my vacation. I leave Friday morning so there will not be any posts for a bit.

Now that I am actually on vacation, I get to eat a bedtime snack. I think I earned it! Yummy ice cream. I cheated and did not make it myself.


Millie said...

good job...there is nothing better then to know that some of those chores are done. That's a pretty big den... nice job.

miss v said...

hey - i had a totally purple room when i was little too... light purple sheets with a purple comforter and dark purple walls. i loved it!
i love the way it looks - such a comfy room!

dreaminitvegan said...

Great looking fireplace! You should definitely use it more often. Add some cool big loungy pillows and some big candles.

Oh and good for you to treat yourself to dessert!

Jes said...

Getting work done is always a satisfying vacation, if not the most relaxing. The color is great and I love those muppet chairs!