Saturday, October 10, 2009

Throw back to childhood

Growing up in my mum's house in Maine with my brother and sister both actively involved in sports, there was not much time for gourmet meals. Fish sticks and french fries were a staple, along with frozen pizzas, maybe a can of green beans for some veggies. Not the healthiest, but it was efficient for my mum and what she was able to do with her time. One of the "fun" meals we had as kids was English Muffin Pizzas. My mum would get a package of english muffins and we would all get a couple of them do "decorate" ourselves. It was a fun night of dinning pleasure in the house.

Last night, I made some food that was way to spicy. Not sure why, I made it the same way I have a dozen times before I just think I got an extra potent jalapeno pepper. Too bad. I rarely make a bust (food-wise) but this was a disaster. I could stomach some of it but Jamie was in bad shape. I had to come up with something else on the fly. Looking through the cupboard I spotted.....English Muffins! That was it, in honor of my mother coming to visit next week, Jamie and I whipped up some English Muffin Pizzas like i had not had since I was a kid. Great stuff.
Thanks mum!


Tara said...

So cute and I bet they were yummy!

Jes said...

I used to love english muffin pizzas!

Oraphan said...

What a cute post! Your English muffin pizzas look so yummy. I'm going to copy this idea when I have to feed my son and his hungry friends! :)

kmouse said...

Yum! I did something similar with pita breads.