Monday, July 13, 2009

Good Friends, Good Houses, and Idaho

Some of my old friends came into town this weekend. It was nice to see some old faces, sharing stories and laughs. It was an enjoyable time and I hate to see them head out tomorrow morning.

It has been an eventful week. I had a very nice discussion with my Realtor about investing in some properties. He shared much of his knowledge with me and I have a lot to consider. I think I will at least start working on getting a real estate license. There is no harm in it. From there, we will see where it ends up.

Work should begin on the house later this week....I hope. It is a frustrating process but I am still enjoying it. I went to the house on Sat and was relieved that everything is still looking good and is intact. I also met the neighbor! That feels so weird to say. He is a nice guy and I hope he lets me swim in his pool.

Sat is Idaho! I am pumped! I can not wait for all the great sites I will see. Jamie and I made car rental reservations today and looked at what out first few days there might be. I am going to take a ton of pictures and hope I get the motivation to share them. Jamie is bringing her laptop (i think) and I may be able to make a post of two while we are out. If anyone knows where we can eat, please say so!

Oh...I made fried rice on Friday.


veggievixen said...

sounds like a lot of stuff to think about. what are you going to idaho for? i don't know anything about it besides that they have lots of potatoes. lol.

mmm fried rice.

jessy said...

a real estate license would be awesome - my friend's mother got hers and she makes a good bit of money from it.

that's what i've been missing - fried rice! dan & i haven't had a fried rice dish in foreeeeever! yours look especially awesome!

have super mucho fun in Idaho - and i'd love to see some pictures from your trip!