Friday, June 5, 2009

Home Alone for the Weekend

After work today, it was dinner for one. I pulled out some soy curls that we got from Cosmo's about a year ago. I had never used them and though I would try my hand tonight. Typically, I do not make real food when I am not cooking for at least two. It generally ends up being what I call "1-player foods", veggie burgers, sandwich, etc. Nothing fancy. It is hard to get motivated to cook for myself. I was motivated today and whipped up a nice dinner, along with another spinach smoothie. It was nice when followed by a chocolate chip cookie!

Jamie took the day off today. She is heading out of town to some sort of wedding. I do not understand the concept or excitement. They seem like too much work for a small tax break. Anyway, she made some really nice wedding gifts for her friend. I have been bugging her to try and sell some of the home-made fabric flowers on her etsy site. She thinks the market is saturated.

Tomorrow is another day at work and Sunday is my last hope for the Orlando Magic. Keep your fingers crossed!


Tara said...

The flowers are so pretty!
My husband doesn't usually eat my food, so I'm always cooking for one. I eat a lot of crackers and dip because I don't like making a lot of extra food!
Good luck with the Magic!

veggievixen said...

haha-1 player meals. i am intrigued by soy curls...

nice flowers. just do what you love. it'll work out.

Jes said...

Jamie's flowers look great! I'm sure her friend will love them.

And your dinner for one looks really delicious too!

miss v said...

ooo! i love soy curls.

and those flowers are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please let Orlando win. Geez. Hockey season was a bust for us, so I am hoping basketball will finish off better.

The flowers are beautiful.

We have solo dinners every other Saturday when Josh works. I either eat leftovers or dinner that would make a 2 year old happy. (ex mac & cheeze or pb&j).

Hope your Sunday is great.