Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dont buy stuff!

Okay, so I will rarely post pictures and recipes of things that have pre-packaged vegan items. I stand strongly against capitalism and do not want to advertise for a company, however, like most vegans, I occasionally take the easy road. I buy vegan pre-packaged products. If you must buy them, there are some nice things you can do with them. Like....

Vegan Jambalaya (with vegan sausages)

Cookie Soy Milk Shake

Coming back from my tirade, this is Valentine's Day. Another day worth a rant but I digress. It is raining here in Atlanta and I will be at work tonight. It will be an easy day at work except that I am in pain. My back has been hurting for about a week now. That is a big reason there have not been many posts coming. Nor has there been much original cooking. I have not been motivated to do anything but lay around. I feel a bit better today and hope that it continues to improve.
Apparently Jamie has something planned for us today. I hope it is not major as I did not do anything. Not a big holiday guy. I like birthdays and that is about it. Speaking of birthday is only 3 weeks away! Woot! I can not wait for cake!


veggievixen said...

mmm that shake looks delicious :)

Vegan On Stage said...

thanks for the comment!!

Hope your back feels better... and HEY MISTER get in the v-day spirit... your girl will be happy if ya do :)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Ooooh one of my fave shakes is cookies-n-cream (with chocolate protein powder). Reminds me of those Dairy-Queen Blizzards.